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Changes Needed 1- We need directions and/or address. People keep asking.
2- contract staffing . Please remove Isis and change to Capuchino Therapy. Please review the whole website and make sure to change everything that has Isis to Capuchino Therapy.
3- please review the whole webpage for grammatical and punctuation. Dyana noticed on the description for Physical, Occupational and Speech on the side bar didn't have a comma. If I can find the page I will try however am a bit nervous to change things.
4- Referral form to send us. It would be nice to have intake online so my staff can input into our system. Can that happen and if we do, it would mean making the site secure for hipaa reasons.
5- Home Access and DME needs a visual element to the page.
6- I would like a resources page on both sites. I will start compiling and send to you
When do you think we will start on driver rehab?